Friday, June 1, 2007

Types Part 2

My current (celebrity, totally unrealistic) crushes:
  • Dane Cook
  • Conan O'Brian (weird! I know...but the more I watch, the deeper I fall)
  • Zach Braff (I've been watching "Scrubs" far too often. And every time I feel nostalgic/emotional at the end of the show)
I know there are a lot more. I don't know how they are possibly escaping my mind.

So, the trend you ask? They are all comedians. Loud, outgoing, borderline on the awkward (but embracing the awkward!) guys.

The other night a Conan rerun was on, and Eva Longoria was the guest host, and Conan was all flirtatious with her. And I was jealous. I mean, really. Jealous? Silly. Really, I've been watching too much TV.

I was telling my girlfriends last night about not-my-type-boy, and the way I described him was "Yeah, out of the two of us, I'm the funny one. I don't know if I like that."

"That's a shame," one responded.

"Yeah, I know!"

"...because you're not that funny!"

Yeah...I know. Thanksssss.

But hey, he's a nice guy.

But, hey! I'm in a whole new city now. And according to my equally adventurous soon-to-join-me friend, we will be finding New York City MEN, not boys.


island//girl said...

Men, yes MEN.

Oh man, I'm excited.

and personally, I think you're pretty funny ;)

Liz said...

Have you ever seen Conan in person? His head is disturbingly large. We saw a taping of his show once and he came right up to us. Mike said, "Talk to him, talk to him!" but I could only shrink back in terror.

But you know what they say about the size of a man's cranium...